Life of a Cadet Wife · Sad

Happy & Sad Week

This week started out great and then ended very sadly…

Good news first: My husband qualified on night firing and handguns/shotguns! đŸ™‚ He scored an almost perfect score. I believe he hit a 45/48. I am very happy for him. He was very nervous and because of his glasses, he was worried that he might not be able to qualify. The director of the program even congratulated him personally, shook his hand, and told him,”I am so proud of you – “. That made his week! Now, he just started Driving Ops. He is doing really well, and they start night driving on Monday.

Now on to the sad news…

Our family dog, Taylor, a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie). Passed away yesterday. He was in the last stage of Renal Failure. He was 13 years old :(. We have had Taylor for 8 years! He was my sweet mommy’s dog. He started to vomit and not eat or drink anything. My parents took him to the vet on Friday and told my parents he was not going to make it and that he was suffering. My mom did what was best and they had to put him down :(. We are very sad and are having a hard time. The house is just not the same with our sweet Tater-Beans barking, and following my mom around. He loved to go outside and bark/chase the squirrels. I know he is enjoying Heaven and is with our two cats who passed away 3 years ago.


Taylor: I miss and love you so much đŸ˜¦ I wish I got to say a final goodbye, but I know you will always be with us in spirit. You are loved and always will be loved. Mommy misses you and cries when she thinks of you, but I know your beautiful, happy spirit will comfort her in these hard trying times. Thank you for being one of the best family dogs we have ever had. Bless you, sweet Tater-Beans.


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