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I am a Cadet Wife

This year has brought many great things. First, I am almost done with school! yippee. I am taking my last four classes; advanced web design, JavaScript, Graphics and Multimedia, and last but not least, Windows Server Management.

I am enjoying my almost done college life. I have accomplished many feats. I am graduating with highest honors and with Phi Theta Kappa. These were only mere dreams – not too long ago, my anxiety was controlling my life to where I couldn’t even function. I am proud that it no longer has a hold on me and I am becoming a stronger person. I am proud of who I have become.

but..this post is mostly about being a cadet wife.

My husband is in Police Academy. He is doing so well and loves it, but there has been so many ups and downs. He is not sponsored, so we do pay with grants, loans, and money out of pocket for him to go. So far, the blood; sweat and tears have been worth it. He is gone 12 hours a day, Monday thru Thursday, and has the weekends to study and practice for upcoming exams for the coming week. He is halfway through the program and I have seen him cry, become stressed, angry, and smile from pure happiness. The challenges he has gone through has definitely not been easy. As we speak, he is in Firearms. My husband has never shot a gun before. They have been very hard on him and is not making it easy for him by any means; which of course makes sense – they have to be rough and tough. A lot of the other cadets in his class are mostly from the military or have a military background. There are maybe 3 or 4 other students who are just like him. No prior experience. It is very challenging for those cadets who do not have this experience. This week already, he felt like “giving up” – I told him, “never give up! this will make you stronger and become a fighter to be better at this.” My husband is left handed, making it a bit harder on himself than those who seemingly use their right hand to shoot.

Being a cadet wife, I would love to give other men and women advice. I would recommend to be there for your husband or wife. Hold them, tell them how proud you are of them, wash their academy clothes very gently! (lol). Give them positive feedback, and keep them strong. They will want to quit, give up, stomp the ground til there’s nothing left, but in the end, all of the stress will be worth it.

My husband cannot wait to officially become a Police Officer. It has been his dream for a very long time. I know his wish and dream will come true, all you have to do is believe, achieve, and stay strong.

I hope my post one day will help a future cadet wife out there.

  • Michelle

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